May 12-24, 2015

Post Meeting: May 24-30 Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia

Copenhagen, Denmark, Amsterdam,
Netherlands, and Reykjavik, Iceland


North American Clinical Dermatologic Society's 54th and 55th Annual Meetings were A Great Success - please see 2013 and 2014 Travel Brochures and Scientific Programs PDF Print E-mail

The NACDS held its 54th Annual Meeting April 24 - May 5, 2013, in Spain and Portugal and its 55th Annual Meeting January 28 - February 9, 2014, in Panama and Cuba. Thanks are extended to our Secretary-General Dr. Richard Spielvogel for making travel and meeeting arrangements and our Scientific Program Director Dr. Anthony Benetto who organized superb academic meetings. The programs were a great success. We visited the dermatology departments at the University of Barcelona and the University of Porto in 2013 and met with the Panamaniam Dermatologic Society and the Cuban National Dermatology Society in 2014. Many fine presentations covered important clinical topics and ongoing research. We are grateful to Professors Theresa Estrach in Barcelona, Filomena Azevedo in Porto, Reynaldo Aerosemena in Panama and Alfredo Abreu in Cuba for their wonderful programs. We enjoyed President's Receptions at a Barcelona country restaurant and overlooking the Pacific Locks in Panama City. Our annual banquets were held at the historic Factoria Inglesia in Porto and on the roof of a hotel overlooking old Havana. The Scientific Programs took place over several days with presentations by NACDS members and guests along with our foreign hosts. Local excursions included the principal sites of Barcelona, Porto and the surrounding Doruro Vally wine region, the Panam Canal, a tropical rain forest, Hemingway's environs and Old Havana.

Please see the separate sections presenting the 2013 and 2014 Travel and Scientific programs. The specific dates for 2015 Annual Meeting will be posted in summer 2014 and I hope you will consider joining us in Denmark, the Netherlands, and Iceland.

A Presidential Welcome

The North American Clinical Dermatologic Society (NACDS) was founded in 1959 by Mr. Charles A. Oclassen (Westwood Pharmaceuticals) and Drs. Charles Schmitt (Pittsburgh, PA), Marvin E. McRae (Greensboro, NC), Hollis Garrard (Miami, FL), Royal M. Montgomery (New York, NY), and Walter J. Cole (Palo Alto, CA). The founders envisioned a unique organization which updates clinicians by visits to dermatology institutions worldwide. The NACDS offers its members the opportunity to visit renowned dermatology programs throughout the world. Members are afforded ample time to interact with faculty and exchange ideas and experiences concerning the clinical care of dermatology patients.

As demonstrated on this website it is apparent that the founders vision has been achieved. A brief look at the list of travel sites, guest clinicians, and institutions visited over the past four decades is truly remarkable. In order to continue this close personal relationship with our international colleagues the Society has remained a relatively small group.

As President of the NACDS it is my pleasure to serve this outstanding group of dermatologists. The membership represents a cross section of all areas of clinical dermatology. They have both learned from our international colleagues and shared their own experience in return. There is no other organization which is small enough to allow such close interaction between its members and yet has have such a major impact on the exchange of international dermatologic experience.

As we move into the next millennium it is our goal to continue and expand the vision of the founders of the NACDS. By communicating directly with our colleagues throughout the world and sharing our clinical experiences we will be able to provide better care to our ever more global population of patients.

The NACDS wishes to recognize the educational support of its friends in the pharmaceutical and medical equipment industry without which the excellent scientific programs would not be possible.

James B. Stewart, M.D.
North American Clinical Dermatologic Society

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